Make up Lecture,Lesson

A Lecture of make-up is suitable for audience who want to learn daily make up, who want to be professional make-up artist.
The lecture is based on make-up theory it makes five distinct kinds of faces, its name is "5 Faces "and including face reading approach.

・Make up it use good point of face by control of face impression.
・Make up it creates character client want
・Make up it use parts of face, adjust balance of parts' position.
・Make up applied choice of color, harmonized color arrangement from perspective of personal colorist.
I will suggest method of these styles of make-up.
I will teach about not only ordinarily make up, but also airbrush make up. If you have request, please tell me. 
 I will suggest method of make-up not only for beauty, but also for using your individuality and charm. 


I will provide make up lecture for beauty school, beauty salon.

・Presentation and showing works by power point
・Suggestion of make-up based on personal color theory with draping.
I have experience not only in Japan, but also lecture in beauty school in China, workshop, or lecture for make-up artist from over sea.

Lecture at beauty school in China.

work shop for make-up artist from China to Japan.

work shop for make-up artist from China to Japan.

workshop for make-up artist from China.

make up lesson  

I provide private lesson or small group lesson. The venue is where you want, rental space, or you home. 

・Highly recommend for people like bellow...

Do you have experience like? 
Even though you did make up with a way the beauty magazine recommended, you couldn't make it well.
In case your feature-for example, balance of pars or skeleton on face -is different from models on magazine, the method may not be good for you. 
At Kanbaseshiki's make up lesson, I analyze image of face from balance or form of face's parts. After analysis, I compare with image you want to be. I clarify what part should be emphasized or not. And I will tell the way of make-up to be come close to the image you want.


example of eye make-up 
cute or gentle image make-up

longitudinally extending single gradation
1.Put bright color from edge of eyelid in a radial way
2.Put main color from the center of eyelid in a radial way within eye hole. The color should fade little by little.
3.Put dark color on the edge of eyelid. Center of dark color area should higher than other area.