make up

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About make up of Kanbaseshiki

My make up is based on make-up theory it makes five distinct kinds of faces, its name is "5faces", and including face reading approach.

・A make-up it uses good point of face by control face impression.
・A make-up it creates character client wants
・A make-up it uses parts of face, adjust balance of parts' position.
・A make-up applied choice of colors harmonizes color arrangement from a perspective of personal colorist
I will do this kind of make-up.
 My make up style is air brush-ordinary (using ordinary brush and sponge) mixed style. A uniform thin layer by air brush makes texture natural like a bare skin.
When I use air brush, the material is TEMPTU S/B.
Because this material is resistant to water and sweat, make up is long-lasting.
I provide make up for shooting within the Company, for produce contents like still or movie, for ordinary customer.



Featured on an article "PASHA PICK UP ARTIST "on PASHA STLYE magazine.
Featured on Alize La Vie Magazine