Personal Color Analysis/make up lesson based on color analysis

What is "personal color"?

There are colors that correspond to you best, make you look more beautiful, and young. It depends on your own color like skin, hair, and eye.
These are what we call "personal color".
These are categorized as four group of colors.
Unfortunately, colors you like, and colors suit you are not always consistent.
Personal color analysis is finding out colors it suits you or colors it makes you look more attractive.
With using personal color, you get bellow, and your first impression will be better.
・Impression of beautiful skin
・Impression of young and healthy
・Impression of neat in appearance

About personal color analysis

I do analyze your color as an analyst certified by Japan Colorist Association.
This analysis clarifies you best color group, and it is based on Color Undertone System (CUS), with using test color(drape).
After clarification, I will suggest about color and make up, and so on.
About group of color
Though at the categorization of color into two Gorup, in general terms "blue base" or "yellow bese",CUS use words "bule undertone" or "yellow undertone". Each undertone includes two seasons, so color will be categorized into four group totally.
・Blue undertone
1)pastel summer
2)brilliant winter
・Yellow undertone
1)bright spring
2)deep autumn

pastel Summer

brilliant Winter

bright Spring

deep Autumn

Advice about make up based on "personal color"

After decision of best season of color group, I will suggest way of make-up it based on "5 faces "theory and face reading approach. The way will make you more attractive with using your character.
Yuki Haba is color analyst, at the same time, make-up artist.

related skills

*Color analyst /Japan Colorist association
*First class personal colorist/Japan Colorist association
*HIQ LEVEL2 make up section/
*Make up color adviser trainer/cosmetic actor academy.


Agenda of color analysis

venue is where you want or rental space.
1.check colors you like
2.explanation about personal color
3.analysis of color, and decision of undertone with draping
4.analysis of color and decision of season with draping
5, advice about color and style for make up

Agenda of make-up lesson

If you want to get not only color analysis, but also make up lesson, I will suggest how to make up based on conclusion of color analysis. 
2.analysis about face
3.suggestion make up plan
4.make up lesson

Featured bulletin of Japan Colorist Association, "COLORIST TIMES"